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18th January 19
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Spring term 2018

This term we have enjoyed sharing some Traditional tales. We read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and The Gingerbread Man.  We have also enjoyed observing the signs of Winter. We wrapped up warm and headed out into the snowy, wintery weather. We have also carried out investigations with ice. We have been reading stories and fact books about Polar Regions and finding these places on the world map. We have enjoyed taking part in the RSPB bird watch. 

 We have celebrated Chinese New Year and Shrove Tuesday this term too.


Fun in the snow!


RSPB Bird watch


We have enjoyed taking part in the RSPB bird watch. The children filled up the bird feeders and hung them in the trees. We used binoculars to help us identify the birds we were finding.  We enjoyed building bird watching dens and hide outs. We recorded on our bird watching sheets which birds we had  spotted. The sparrows and black birds were popular to see. 

Traditional Tales


We enjoyed retelling the story with puppets and small world resources. We sang songs and played percussion instruments to create the sound effects from the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

We baked our own Gingerbread men and the role play area became a bakers shop where we made salt dough items to sell. We retolled the story through music and dance. We carried out science investigations to get the gingerbread man safely across the water tray. We collaborated together to build a bridge using our own choice of material and found out what happens when the Gingerbread man gets wet!

Parent helper visit


We loved having Noah's dad come into school to bake bread with us. Mr Bennett is a chef. He spent all morning with us baking bread rolls and creating shapes with the dough mix. We enjoyed eating our bread rolls for snack. 

Shrove Tuesday


It was a fun day celebrating Pancake day. We had pancake races outside and recorded who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd. We sang traditional pancake rhymes and discussed the meaning of Lent. After all this hard work we were ready for a tasty treat and shared pancakes for snack.

Chinese New Year


We have joined in with the celebrations of Chinese New Year. 2018 is the year of the Dog

 The children created traditional money wallets and Chinese Lanterns.

We enjoyed some dragon dancing outdoors. We moved and danced with our Chinese dragon sticks and instruments. Back in class we tasted some traditional chinese foods.

The chicks have hatched!


After a 21 day count down and the daily observation of the imitation eggs (to see how the chicks will be developing inside their eggs), we finally have chicks! We had an exciting day watching them hatch from their first chip in the shell to finally emerging looking very wet and exhausted! We have been learning how to look after them, keeping them warm, feeding them special crumbs and fresh water to drink.

We did observational drawings of the chicks using pastels.  We used these as a basis for our Easter cards.

Some of the children went on to make their own incubators in the 'Make & Do' area in the continuous provision.


World Book Day


We all enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day.  The children enjoyed listening to lots of different stories throughout the day.  Year three children very kindly visited the Nursery children and shared their version of 'Going on a Bear Hunt.' The Reception children enjoyed a carousel of activities which included acting out the stories, using puppets and different props.

We all joined the whole school in the hall to display our costumes. The school held a World Book Day Quiz, Thomas won the quiz from Reception Class and Mrs Taylor and Mrs Harvey awarded him a book token.

Handa's Surprise


We have enjoyed sharing the story of Handa's Suprise. We compared similarities and differences between here and Africa through story retelling,  music, dance and trying different  foods.