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18th January 19
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Autumn Term 2017

Signs of Autumn


We have enjoyed getting out and about in our school grounds looking for signs of Autumn. We joined in with the whole school celebrating 'National Outdoor Learning Day.' We listened to the story of Leaf Man and found leaves, brambles, conkers, acorns and had great fun making Autumn crowns. Some parents/families joined us for a lovely outdoor picnic lunch.


Bonfire celebrations


We enjoyed celebrating bonfire night in the High Hopes outdoor learning area. We lit a small fire and created sparklers with tinfoil and sticks. We kept warm with a delicious drink of hot chocolate.

Winter Fun!


We enjoyed exploring winter in the High Hopes Area and even planted our own fir tree. We will look after it and record its growth over the next few years.

Christmas 2017


We have had a busy run up to Christmas in the foundation unit. The children enjoyed learning traditional and new Christmas songs which they performed beautifully to parents, friends and teachers as part of their nativity play in the school hall. We had a great time at the Sands centre pantomime watching Sleeping Beauty.The children enjoyed many other Christmas activities both indoors and outdoors finishing off with our class party and Carol Service in Church.

SpringTerm 2018

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