Our School Day

Our school day runs from 8.45am until 3.20pm and doors open in the morning at 8.35am.

Our school timetable can be flexible but it generally follows the following outline ...

8.45am Registration
8.50am Collective Worship
9.00am Session 1
10.00am Playtime (Key Stage 1)
10.15am Playtime (Key Stage 2)
10.15am Session 2 (Key Stage 1)
10.30am Session 2 (Key Stage 2)
12.00pm Lunchtime
1.00pm Session 3
2.10pm Playtime (Key Stage 1)
2.20pm Playtime (Key Stage 2)
2.30pm Session 4 (Key Stage 1)
2.30pm Session 4 (Key Stage 2)
3.20pm School ends