What are we aiming for?

In mathematics, children at High Hesket CE Primary School aim to understand and ‘master’ the mathematical concepts that they are learning. There is a depth of learning and children are confident and ready for the next stage of their education. 

Sequences of learning are cumulative and focus on specific concepts over a period of time, rather than accelerating through new material, allowing children enough time to practise skills through a range of varied ‘fluency’ tasks. Such learning is complemented by pictorial and concrete manipulatives, supporting understanding. In completing fluency tasks, children develop their conceptual understanding and ability to recall knowledge and understanding rapidly and accurately. Our curriculum driver CIDIO is readily utilised to support and enhance learning in an outdoor context. Children are encouraged and coached to challenge themselves and self-differentiate, based on their level of understanding, by choosing from a range of ‘chilli’ challenges. This ensures that all children have a responsibility for their own learning and that all abilities have opportunity to progress without having their challenge capped. Learning is built upon and spaced. Our revisiting process we call ‘Fluent in 5’ is completed regularly and is designed to give children opportunities to retrieve and practice prior knowledge, skills and understanding, allowing for ‘sticky learning’. Statutory curriculum requirements such recall of multiplication tables are taught and practiced within sequences of learning, enabling children to rely on these essential skills in further contexts.  

Learning experiences are vocabulary rich and it is expected that children use mathematical vocabulary readily, explaining what they are learning with reasons why. BLP drives learning and children use learning muscles throughout concepts. Alongside fluency tasks, having had time to develop conceptual understanding, children are exposed to a range of reasoning and problem solving tasks in different contexts, where learning muscles are utilised. This allows for the application of knowledge and skills children have been taught, and is transferrable to other subject areas where appropriate. Problems would increase in sophistication and require children to think deeply, break problems down into simpler steps and persevere to seek solutions. All children remain appropriately challenged and encouraged to work at a level slightly beyond their comfort zone, and are coached to use age-appropriate stuck strategies with increasing confidence. 

Children leave High Hesket CE Primary School with a positive, ‘can do’ mind-set towards mathematics. Pupils can move fluently between mathematical ideas and concepts, with strategies to help them engage with deep-learning challenges in further education and in the wider world. 

How do we get there?

In the downloads section below you will find our progression documents for Maths and Mathematical vocabulary. These documents show how the subject develops as the children move through the school.