What are we aiming for?

At High Hesket CE School we believe that music should be an enjoyable learning experience which allows children to be creative. The music curriculum at High Hesket allows children from a young age to listen, sing, play, evaluate, analyse and compose in a range of contexts. Children are encouraged to participate in a variety of musical experience to build up their confidence. We aim to instil a fascination and respect for all types of music from around the world as well as support children to recognise and understand the value and importance of music to their own lives and the wider community. The curriculum is designed to develop knowledge and skills that are progressive. As children get older they are taught disciplined skills of recognising pulse and pitch and how to collaborate with others to compose and perform music. Finally, we ensure that every child has the opportunity to play a stringed instrument. We hope to inspire children to continue their love for music throughout their lives. 

How do we get there?

In the downloads section below you will find the progression of skills and vocabulary for Music.  These documents show how Music develops as the children move through the school.